Sebastian Vettel in qualifying before the Grand Prix of India in 2012 has won another pole, has thirty-fifth of his career, and did so with a single attempt in the final segment. The proof is the last and second place Mark Webber, but the fight for the title to Fernando Alonso is complicated by the growing form of McLaren – and Lewis Hamilton (3rd place) and Jenson Button (4th) are ahead of the Spaniard, qualified fifth. Felipe Massa still pleasant trend, given the Brazilian in the last few races. And let the final segment Felipe was showing only the tenth time – on the brink of relegation, but in the mass of the segment is located on the sixth line, followed by Alonso. The seventh time left for Kimi Raikkonen, who came for the first time on the Indian circuit, and behind it there is Sergio Perez (8th place), Pastor Maldonado (9th place) and Nico Rosberg (10th place). And Nico general decided not to go in the final segment, and showed no time. Tomorrow we are waiting for a very interesting race on a circuit, however, the question about the winner, alas, does not imply a special intrigue.