Especially the fight for the pole position in qualifying before the German Grand Prix in 2014 did not work, as Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes crashed in the first qualifying segment, and was unable to continue performance.

It is important to note that the car Hamilton broke no fault of his, but because of problems with the brakes, but Lewis himself, fortunately, everything turned out fine. By the time he managed to show a good time, which was no problem in the second segment, but to participate in it failed.

And in the absence of main rival pole without problems teammate Hamilton won the team Nico Rosberg, who in Sunday’s race has all the chances to increase their lead in the standings, cut after his descent in the UK to just four points.

Excellent made in qualifying pilots of Williams, which showed in the final of the second (Walter Bottas) and third (Felipe Massa) times. And behind them, surprisingly, Kevin Magnussen placed on McLaren, ahead of both the representatives and the Red Bull, and Ferrari, and his team-mate Jenson Button in the face, which are even in the top ten failed.

Behind the Dane settled racers Red Bull, and again Daniel Riccardo (5th place) ahead of Sebastian Vettel (6th place), speaking for himself in his native track. Best of representatives of Ferrari – Fernando Alonso this time only seven, although in the course of free practice Spaniard has twice been in the top three fastest.

According to statistics, overtake on the current version of Hockenheim is not so easy, but winning the race most of the holder of pole position. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. But since Lewis Hamilton should definitely please the spectacular break from the depths of the peloton, and representatives Williams probably will fight each other and try not to give Nico a quiet life.