Despite the forecast promised rain, the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring in 2011 was on dry pavement. However, the riders gave the audience a great struggle that was fought not only for getting into the points zone but also for leadership. Launched for the third time this season from pole Mark Webber failed to hold the lead, giving Lewis. Fernando Alonso escaped was in third place, but then again it was ahead of Vettel until he made ​​a mistake a few laps after the start. Because of the error, the position of leader of the championship is not lost, but seriously damaged the tires and lags behind its main competitors. But Hamilton, Webber and Alonso were tight enough as Mark did not go into the pits. An earlier pit stop allowed the Australian to take advantage of fresher tires to regain the lead, but during the second wave of stops, this tactic has not worked. At the same time, not only missed Webber ahead of Lewis and Alonso. It seemed the Spaniard took the lead, but unheated tire on the outer radius, it has managed to get around Lewis Hamilton, who eventually managed to bring it to a victorious finish. Fernando crossed the finish line second, Mark Webber – third. But the boxes to the car Alonso has not held – the team ordered the rider to park the car because of problems with switching the gearbox. But the podium Fernando arrived on time – on his side pontoons threw his Red Bull’s Mark Webber. A serious fight to the finish was in full swing and the fourth place that the claim Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel. The German was a bit faster, but the Brazilian defended competently. His last pit stop, both delayed until the last lap, but in the pits worked better mechanics Red Bull, so that Felipe was on the finish fifth, but it was not at fault. Spent a great race Adrian Sutil, who managed to score in the home race eight points for sixth place, the pilots Mercedes GP – Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher finished the German Grand Prix in 2011 on the 8th and 9th places respectively. However, the only point – not such a bad result, especially against the background of the last two races. The next race will take place exactly one week – it will be the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2011, and then in the Championship comes one month summer break.