The last British touring car championship season given his fans a real holiday, but more than others should be happy the fans Honda. Not only that, their first number – 44-year-old Matt Neal became the champion of the series for the third time, and the team overall has won first place, including through the efforts of the co-pilot – Gordon Shedden.
Both drivers were consistently Team Dynamics, working primarily for the benefit of the team, and helped by excellent machines, built on the base Civic, which allowed, and the Englishman, Scot and without any difficulties to cope with their opponents.
The only, but at the same time some of the most notable season episodes involving both cars Honda, started the last lap of the second race stage at Oulton Park, where throughout the arrival Neil attacked leading Shedden, and in one of the turns overplaying ruled themselves and partner in the gravel, as a result of not being able to finish the race and ruining Gordon, who was riding for the third victory of the season.Total Team Dynamics pilots won on two 13 wins, 7 of which belong to the Nile.
But most of all the top step of the podium already gathered former champion, 2010, team rider Silverline Chevrolet – Jason Plato. At the end of last season the pilot blue and white Cruze was the first of eight times, but the protection of the title hindered by two factors: a large number of errors and crashes, said at the credits, and lack of support from the partner Alex MakDouval, who took the final table of ranks 10th position.
Plato himself was a chance until the last stage in Silverstone, behind the Nile by only five points, but the flight of the 6 laps to go in the first race of the final phase of the predestined fate of the title. Plato eventually took only third place, gaining 236 points.
The last of the factory teams was Team Aon, representing Ford. The best of the three pilots of speakers on a white and blue Focus became Tom Chilton. 26-year-old Englishman was able to twice take the top spot, including in the final race at Silverstone. His partners – Tom Onslow-Cole and Andy Neath did not represent a serious threat for the leaders and had to contend with not the fastest pilots independent teams.
The classification of riders performing on machines was the best James Nash in the Vauxhall Vectra, which regularly score points, not always find themselves on the podium. The most outstanding representatives of the independent “stables” were Matt Jackson, who plays for Team Airwaves on a red Ford Focus ST the previous generation, and Andrew Jordan, piloted pink Vauxhall Vectra for Pirtec Racing. The latter two have collected five top lines, four of which on account of the more experienced Jackson.
But the pilots remained in the shadow of the riders who were in cars prepared according NGTC regulations, which will be the main technical document next season. Total still scored six cars – three Audi A4 (Rob Austin Racing), two Toyota Avensis (Dynojet and Speedworks Motorsport) and the Proton Gen-2 (Welch Motorsport).
All pilots have experienced a huge amount of technical problems at the beginning of the season, but when they are left behind, the first opened by Frank Vresel, who plays for Dynojet. His front wheel Avensis repeatedly demonstrated top speed on equal struggled with both Honda cars, we could not afford not all the leaders of the season.
Distinguished and Rob Austin, who plays on the white-red Audi A4 for his own team. Leading rear wheels used to play dirty tricks with the pilot, robbing the vehicle stability inherent in front-wheel opponents. Nevertheless, Audi Austin looked a little worse BMW WSR team, just driving the rear wheel. The best of the pilots used the NGTC-technique, as expected, it became Vresel, who took twelfth place with 65 points.
It is worth noting that the next season, one of the most exciting European Touring Series, will start March 31, 2012, the qualification on the track Brands Hatch Indy, and the first race will be held the first of April.
The coming year will be truly a new milestone in the history of the BTCC, because the fragmentation of regulations finally replaced by a single document, bearing the name of “New Generation of Touring Cars”.

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