The first stage of Formula 1 2011 season – the Grand Prix of Australia, who have been waiting for all the fans of Formula 1. And it ended a terrific result for Vitaly Petrov, the first time in his career, managed to climb the podium and became the first Russian who managed to achieve such high results in major racing series in the world. Recall that started Petrov from sixth place, but the tactics with two pit stops instead of three, which was used by some pilots from the leading group and perfect faultless piloting of Vitaly and reliability of the car Renault, have allowed for the race to play three positions, leaving behind racers such as Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber. The winner of the Australian Grand Prix in 2011 was the winner of the pole – Sebatyan Vettel, who has created a gap from the start and controlled the race until its finish. Second place left for Lewis Hamilton. Though his McLaren and there were some technical problems, they did not prevent him to finish the race on the podium. On the first lap the spectators were pleased with the beautiful struggle of Felipe Massa and Jenson Button, which resulted in cutting off the Briton came forward one of the turns. According to the rules, he had to give the position back, but Jenson did not, for which he received the passage through the pit lane. The result – a sixth place for an Englishman, but Felipe looked during the race too fast and rolled to the finish line in ninth place. But both pilots looked great team Sauber. Closed ten Sebastien Buemi (Toro Rosso) – a good result, although the team at the end of pre-season tests, certainly relied on more. For the team Mercedes GP race was a failed completely – double gathering. Not blestnul and experienced Nick Heidfeld at the wheel of Renault second – only the result of the fourteenth. The next race will be held in two weeks in Malaysia. There we were waiting for a completely different track, which will be long, straight and very hot, so the balance of power may change in some way.