In the Renntech studio finalized Mercedes-Benz S560

Renntech Atelier has presented a refinement program for the Mercedes-Benz S560 sedan, which provides not only a number of external changes but also an increase in the engine’s efficiency. A carbon spoiler appeared on the trunk lid of the modified Mercedes S 560, and the 21-inch or 21-/22-inch alloy wheels of the Performance Series are offered on the wheels of the car. For them, more than 70 different shades are offered. The company reprogrammed the engine’s electronic control unit, which allowed increasing the output of the 4.0-liter “eight” with two turbines from the original 484 hp. and 729 Nm to 584 forces and 870 Nm of torque. Such an upgrade allowed the four-door to accelerate from one place to a hundred in 4.25 seconds, which is 0.35 sec faster than the source code. To drive a drag distance of a quarter mile (402 meters), this car requires 12.42 s (-0.73). Another technical feature of the modified S560 was the installation of the Hand-Held Suspension module, which allows changing the ride height of the sedan in a matter of seconds. How many in the studio are asked for all these improvements is not specified.

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