A few days ago appeared on the network teaser unknown concept from the Renault company, which was depicted a head light model. And on September 10 opened the motor show in Frankfurt 2013 French carmaker officially declassified mysterious prototype.
The car called Renault Initiale Paris Concept is a mix of minivan and crossover. From here the first volume bodies and almost panoramic windows, and the second – a large 22-inch wheels, an impressive ground clearance and lined with protective plastic sills and bumper.
Overall length concept is 4 850 mm, so that the size of it a minivan Espace 4, but it has turned out, as we are assured in the company, 250 kg lighter than the latter.
Salon Renault Initiale Paris accommodates four people, which is designed to please the powerful Bose audiosystem already with 32 speakers and two subwoofers. The floor inside the concept is made of a mixture of brushed aluminum and wood.
Under the hood of the car is located 130-horsepower diesel engine dCi 130 is equipped with two turbines. First it is running at low speed, and the second is connected as a set speed. Maximum torque of 400 Nm in the engine transmitted to the wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.
It is assumed that the concept of Renault Initiale Paris could be the basis for the successor model Espace, and it is possible that it will be a car with a completely different name, but in the company of this information had no immediate comment.

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