Remedy damage on the car body

The car body can be affected by a variety of reasons. For example, during hail, snow fall, branches, icicles, even with a slight collision on the car may appear dents that do not affect the paint. In this case, it is effective to use technology to eliminate dents on the body-in-white, which received the name of the PDR (an abbreviation of the English. Paintless Dent Repair “Repair of damages without painting”).
Removal of such damage on the PDR technique has several advantages, which allow to remove dents of various sizes on the body. If you paint with really was not damaged, in 2/3 cases, the use of this technique allows you to completely eliminate the problem.


Defects on the body are fixed in two different ways. If you have access to the place of dents on the body from the inside, it is advisable to use a special tool that allows you to simply squeeze out the dent. If the usual tools to apply hard, then to place a dent on the outside is attached clip that pulls dent.
When used properly, technology can not be detected later the injury site without special equipment. In addition, the savings due to the lack of straightening and painting, as well as the ability to recover the vehicle body in a short time led to rapid growth in the popularity of PDR techniques.
The technology to eliminate dents PDR was developed in the middle of last century by specialists Mercedes-Benz group. She gave a lot of competitive advantages of Stuttgart, and so for some time, she did not receive publicity. Only in the mid-90s there were the first specialists in PDR on the open market.
Of particular popularity of this technology it has gained in the US, where it is often large hail, which leaves a dent on the body.With the proliferation of more and more car owners have tried to use their own method of PDR. It turned out that the presence of a special tool, desire and some skill is quite real.


Generally, the PDR technology was originally adapted for the removal of minor injuries. But after a short time it has become a powerful technique correction of serious damage to the body. All new materials have been used widely in the automotive industry. Thus, the paint on the basis of stable polymeric compounds can withstand without breaking the factory layer even significant deformation, and the use of thinner sheet material only contributed to the implementation of PDR techniques.
At the heart of this technology is the use of sets of special tools (hooks or sticks). All work carried out on the inside space dents, so for the proper performance of their need to use special lamps.
The process of elimination of the defect is as follows. Dent lifted by pressure and alignment from the opposite side. A small defect can be resolved in just a minute. However, if we are talking about a lot of damage, you have to spend a little more time.
In some cases, hooks and the stick can not be applied due to the nature of the location of the injury site. In this case, the clip-adhesive system. On the outside of the dent is pasted clip. After that, the master raises it with the metal sheet at the injury site and pull the dent.
For clogging bumps used plastic pencil and a hammer that allow to do this procedure without damaging the paint layer. In this kind of repairs the most important thing is to keep the colored layer, so such work should be carried out carefully and cautiously.


Benefits PDR technology is often exaggerated by the organizers of the training courses. However, some of them are quite obvious. An objective assessment will help to identify the most important virtues.

– After removing dents there is no need to paint the place of repair. This is – an important advantage, which not only saves time and money, but also increases the selling price of the car. This is due to the fact that the repair area is typically determined by the thickness of the colored layer. When buying this check is done quite often to determine whether the broken car.

– The use of PDR technology will eliminate the defect of the body so that the injury will indeed invisible. However, this particular technique still requires good skill and a specific skill. Unfortunately, even with the removal of small dents can cause serious damage to the body.

– Repair of the vehicle body-in-white can take just a few minutes. On a serious dent will have to spend a few hours. In this painting, even one part of the body will require at least two days.

– Methodology PDR eliminates straightening and painting. This is the opportunity to save on repairs. Only in very rare cases, the use of PDR technology may be more expensive than classical repair.

– An additional advantage is the possibility of PDR technology repair work without dismantling the body. This is made possible through the use of special tools. However, in some cases the part still has to be dismantled.

– After the usual classical repairs to straightening and painting the car should be operated and maintained in the power saving mode as well as fresh paint can flake off easily even by careless washing and wiping. After removing dents according to the procedure PDR no restrictions in this respect no.

And in the end, be sure to mention the correct diagnosis of lesions. The fact that the use of PDR technique may not in all cases. For example, if damaged edges, frame body parts or bases, with large metal stretching, or if the dent is located close to the edge, the use of such technology of repair may be ineffective.

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