London studio Aspire Design finalized the medium-sized crossover Range Rover Velar, focusing on the exterior of the model. Tuners have prepared for the car a full body kit, which included a new front bumper with another grille, extended wheel arches, lower thresholds and a modified rear bumper with a diffuser. For Velar, two spoilers are offered at once, one of which is mounted on the roof edge and the other on the trunk lid. On the wheels of the all-terrain vehicle, you can order disks of various designs and diameters up to 24 inches. In addition, specialists of Aspire Design are ready to refine the interior of the model, while the finishing materials offer carbon and high-quality leather. As for the technical “stuffing”, the British tuners did not force the crossover motor, but replaced the exhaust system with a new one with four twin nozzles.