Enzo Ferrari did not become in 1988, and the last of his brainchild was racing Ferrari F1 / 87. This car took part in the world championship and piloted it to Michele Alboreto. Today this rarity, which is a dream of any collector. The appearance of the Ferrari F1 / 87 was coined by Gustav Brunner, the idea of the latter was implemented by the British engineer John Barnard. The car was equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo-scoop with a 90-degree angle of camber. Even despite technical limitations in the FIA regulations, the engine was able to develop up to 950 hp. On this specimen, Alboreto took part in the Grand Prix of Hungary, Austria, Italy and Portugal, but in each of these races he had to leave the race because of technical problems, but in the course of the season the racer still rose several times on the podium. The press release notes that all these years Ferrari F1 / 87 was stored in the garage, where the optimum temperature was maintained. However, if the new owner wants to operate the machine, then some mechanical components still have to be replaced.