Thrust is transmitted to the rear axle by a 6-speed manual Tremec TR6060. But this car is not only interesting in its power, but also advanced features for customization. Customers can choose from the available 25 million combinations: for paint finishes are 8 thousand flowers, and for bands, marching along the entire length of the body – about 24 thousand. Also for the Dodge Viper ACR available aerodynamic Extreme Aero. The company argued that it generates nearly a ton of downforce (“three times more than the set Viper TA 2.0”) and allows the car to accelerate to 285 km/h. “Icing on the cake” of this delicious aero body kit – nearly 1.9-meter bipartite rear wing. But in the end, and aerodynamics, and the platform, and the tires were designed to maximize grip, and with it the speed in the turns. As a result, according to the automaker, the lateral load on the corners Dodge Viper ACR can reach 1,5 g. At the same time, as the uncle of Superman, “a large force – a great responsibility”, and the new Dodge Viper ACR also adheres to this rule. The engineers equipped it with a powerful brake system Brembo Carbon Ceramic Matrix: the diameter of the front brake discs is 390 mm and the rear – 360. Sales supercar scheduled for the third quarter of 2015, prices will be announced later.

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