The same fate befell the Porsche Macan to modify Ursa Aurum Metallic by tuners from TopCar. Note vaydbodi-kit: rear fenders, rear diffuser, side skirts and door elements – all made ​​of carbon fiber. Moreover, they are equipped with auto-matte black wheels ADV5.2 MV2 SL size 20X9 front and 20×10 rear. In general, we like wheels from ADV.1 – as a rule, these are real beauties, which recently enjoyed great popularity, but this time the guys from TopCar could take the rollers and more. As for the interior of the Porsche Macan Urus TopCar, then it can be called a low-contrast, and even disgusting, but what he can not refuse, so it in high-quality materials. And we really do not mind color and wooden inserts, a light beige’s not much to the place. Also, believe it or not,  the market is not so much so that from the company Macan Ursa TopCar – is a kind of pearl. Albeit in somewhat dull.

foto-macan-ursa_02-650x433 foto-macan-ursa_03-650x433 foto-macan-ursa_01-650x433