In 2004, Swedish Christian Dahl acquired the racing team Flash Racing, renaming it Polestar. The new company began to refine the cars and in 2009 offered customers a chip-tuning for models of the brand Volvo. Soon Volvo made Polestar its official partner, and in 2015, the studio and completely completely passed under the wing of the Swedish automaker. However, in the role of the court studio Polestar company did not last long. The fact is that the Chinese concern Geely, which owns the Volvo brand since 2010, is developing a new brand structure and decided to entrust the category of Gran Turismo machines to Polestar. Thus, the company, which until recently was engaged in tuning, has now officially become a full-fledged automaker. Separating from Volvo in September 2017, in October of the same year, the sports car was introduced under the uncomplicated name Polestar 1. For the sale of new items and their subsequent models, the company plans to create a network of separate (independent of Volvo) showrooms. In addition, cars can be purchased through the Internet. It is interesting that there will be no full transfer of cars to customers, and cars will be distributed by subscription for two or three years, with the owner having to monthly pay a monthly fee. At the end of the contract, the car will return to the manufacturer. It will be put in order and again put up for sale, but already as a supported car. Note that such a subscription includes not only owning the car itself but also a package of concierge services, among which are filling, washing, servicing and delivery of goods directly to the car. The owner can temporarily transfer the car to friends or relatives with the help of a digital key or a smartphone, and himself to lease another car of the concern Geely.