Italian studio Pininfarina, together with the Chinese company Hybrid Kinetic Group, prepared for the 2017 Shanghai motor show concept crossover. The model made its debut at the exhibition in two versions: a five-seater K550 and seven-seater K750. The front of the prototype was almost an exact replica of H600 sedan that studio Pininfarina revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Between themselves, five- and seven-seat versions of the concept differ slightly different stern and cabin layout. The movement crossovers Rep K550 and K750 results in the power plant, consisting of two electric motors and Microturbo generator HK, which is used to recharge the battery pack. The same filling and the aforementioned sedan. Total power units are more than 800 hp, but the information about the dynamic performance coupe yet. As for the power reserve, the fully charged battery, designed for 50,000 cycles of charging, SUV can travel up to 1000 km. Pininfarina will decide whether and Hybrid Kinetic Group to release the serial version of such concepts – is still unknown.