Photo Spies have declassified the new crossover BMW X4 G02

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 is expected to the world premiere of the new BMW X4 (G02), which is a couple of weeks before the opening of the exhibition was lit on spy photos without camouflage. Car spotted on the auto transporter in the US Spartanburg, where the release of X-Bavarian crossovers.
Not surprisingly, the front BMW X4 2018 in the new body completely repeats the original BMW X3 G01. From the predecessor model differs completely re-designed head optics, a larger grille, and another bumper.
On the side of the new BMW X-4 (G02), there were air intakes in the front wings, a small spoiler was registered on the upper edge of the fifth door glass, and the trunk lid lost a brightly expressed tail that looked much more modest.
At the same time, the BMW X4 2018 surprised with horizontally oriented narrow tail lights, which immediately evoke associations with a similar decision on the Mercedes GLC Coupe. The section for fixing the license plate has moved to the bumper.
The interior of the compartment of the coupe-like SUV is not yet available, but it certainly completely repeats that of the X-3. We are waiting for a fully digital optional device, another steering wheel, as well as a modern multimedia with a tablet-like display on the center console.
The engines for the new BMW X4 G02 model will also be borrowed from a colleague, including the top-end 3.0-liter inline turbo-scoop with 360 hp. (500 Nm) for the modification of the X4 M40i. Plus, the expected version of the M40d, which is probably equipped with a 320-horsepower diesel of similar volume.

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