New Peugeot 3008 became European car 2017

Results of the competition “European Car of 2017” were summed On the eve of the Geneva Motor Show. At this time, and became the new Peugeot 3008 II generation crossover, who collected 319 points. With a relatively small gap 298 points and second place went to the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan, and three leaders locked the Mercedes E-Class W213, but it turned out to be lagging behind quite significantly – German earned only 197 points. Note that initially among the contenders for the title were listed 31 models of new cars, but in the final short list traditionally were only seven of them. In the vote was attended by 58 journalists from 22 European countries. Behind the three leaders were placed the following models. 4th place – the Volvo S90 (172 points), 5th place – new Citroen C3 (166 points), 6th place – SUV the Toyota C-HR (165 points), 7th place – Nissan Micra hatchback (135 points).

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