Experts of the German tuning Edo Competition studio represent a package of improvements for the Porsche Panamera hatchback among the latter. But now tuners, without a shadow of a doubt, can claim to have created the most powerful Panamera Turbo, which was named Moby Dick. Judge for yourself, the power of a standard 4.8-liter turbo-eight increased by exactly 50 percent – from five hundred to 750 hp. This allows you to start the car from a standstill to 100 km/h faster than four seconds, and the maximum speed can reach 340 km/h, depending on the set of tires. It seems tuners are so focused on the finalization of the Panamera engine, which is developing its own body kit for her time and energy they have is not enough, so its customers Edo Competition offers installation body kit from Mansory. And from our own developments for the Porsche Panamera has rear carbon diffuser, sports exhaust system with four round patrbkami module reduce the suspension and larger 22-inch alloy wheels. For the interior specialists from Edo Competition are ready to perform almost any operation, in accordance with the wishes of the client.