PR men of the German brand nicknamed the Mercedes-AMG GT R, but the tuners from the studio Renntech turned the two-door to the “orange beast”.
Such Mercedes-AMG GT R received an orange coloring of the body, however the main changes affected the technical stuffing of the car. In particular, the Florida tuners installed more efficient air filters, upgraded turbines, and reprogrammed the electronic control unit.
As a result, the AMG GT R supercar engine instead of the original 585 hp. and 700 Nm now develops 772 “horses” and 857 Nm of torque. The company claims that this performance allows the coupe to accelerate from zero to hundreds in 3.0 seconds (-0.5).
In this dragging distance of a quarter of a mile (402 meters), the car passes for 10.7 seconds, speeding up to 219 km / h. These indicators specialists Renntech recorded on the road, using tires Michelin Cup Sport 2. As for the cost of the program, it was not disclosed.