The companies Opel and Vauxhall, which since August 1, 2017 are ” under the wing ” of the French PSA group, presented a development plan called PACE! According to this document in the coming years, both brands are planning to expand the range of their electric and hybrid models.
So, the crossover Opel Grandland X will become a hybrid and will be able to recharge batteries from household electricity, while the hatchback Corsa next generation will turn into a full-fledged electric car.
In 2019 the German company’s lineup will be replenished with a crossover built on the modular EMP2 platform. On this French “cart” in the future will be developed and other models of the D-segment brands Opel and Vauxhall.
Interestingly, the design of new models will be conducted in the German Rüsselheim. There will also be development of new technologies for PSA (for example, systems of autonomous control and various electronic assistants).
According to the presented development plan, by 2020 Opel will enter 20 new markets, but the list of countries has not yet been disclosed. Also in the PSA are going to reduce the cost of produced cars by 700 euros.
Plus, the French group expects to reduce development and research costs. According to calculations, the plan for the development of PACE! Should make Opel and Vauxhall profitable by 2020.
Finally, the PSA group intends to significantly reduce the number of engines and chassis used. So, in 2024 the brands entering into the French concern will build cars only on two platforms (now there are nine of them), instead of existing ten families of power units there will be only four.