Opel showed his vision for the future of interior GT Concept

The German automaker issued a photo of interior of Opel Concept is the GT, which will be presented to the public in March at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. It is expected that some of the stylistic and technical solutions used in the prior art, can also appear on production models of the German mark in the future. In particular, the concept of the Opel GT was the so-called “interior of the future”. The prototype cabin no buttons and mechanical switches and control car functions carried out by the innovative interface, which is able to recognize the person who is behind the wheel, selecting the best settings for it. In the prototype fully digital devices, and the left and right sides of the front panel are located two round monitor, its shape reminiscent of aviation turbine. They displayed a picture with two rear-view cameras, which perform the role of traditional side mirrors. Recall that in the movement of the rear-drive Opel GT Concept brings a 1.0-liter aluminum turbo power of 145 hp and 205 Nm. With this engine, 1000-pound coupe is able to accelerate from zero to hundred in 8.0 seconds, developing a maximum speed of 215 km/h.

foto-gt-concept-int_02 foto-gt-concept-int_01 foto-gt-concept-int_03

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