Charged Opel Insignia OPC was first introduced in early 2009, the model is available in Sports Tourer sedan and station wagon. In the British market the car is sold under the name Vauxhall Insignia VXR. From the usual version of Insignia OPC (Opel Performance Centre) looks different a different grille, different front bumper with two vertical ventilation slots, exclusive wheels, as well as two integrated in the rear bumper exhaust pipes.

Configuration and price Opel Insignia OPC 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.8T 44×MT $77,000 2.8 petrol (325 hp) Manual (6) full
2.8T 44×AT $79,000 2.8 petrol (325 hp) Automatic (6) full

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Under the hood, Opel Insignia OPC is the 2.8-liter turbocharged V6 power of 325 “horses”. From zero to hundreds Opel Insignia OPC accelerated 6.0 seconds (Touring Insignia OPC Sports Tourer does it in 6.3 seconds). Both versions with automatic transmission in the sprint at 0.3 seconds slower. Maximum speed of the model is limited to 250 km/h, but for a fee electronic “collar” can be disabled (in this case, the sedan can accelerate to 270 kilometers per hour).
In the summer of 2013, the German automaker introduced the updated sedan and station wagon Opel Insignia 2014 model year, and in the autumn restyling touched and OPC modifications. In addition, engineers have seriously touched the chassis model, modified more than sixty elements rear suspension and changing the adaptive shock absorbers into mechatronic chassis FlexRide. There was also improved vibration and noise insulation, and migrated system is designed to stabilize effectively deal with understeer.

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