At the April Auto Show in New York 2017, Nissan will unveil an updated supercar GT-R by Track Edition.
Outside modification was reinforced hood, another grille, new bumpers, carbon fiber “skirt” and a carbon fiber rear wing. All these elements were taken from the top-end version of the GT-R Nismo.
The movement of “track” modification of the coupe leads 570-strong engine V6 twin-turbo, working in conjunction with the six-speed robot with two clutches. In the same engine fitted with a conventional GT-R.
But the suspension and wheel in Nissan GT-R Track Edition 600-strong modification Nismo. The Japanese used to “track” version stiffer springs with adaptive shock absorbers Bilstein, as well as to adjust the gain stabilizer bars, and wider tires.
The dynamic characteristics of the Nissan GT-R Track Edishn, probably similar to the regular version. Recall that the standard version of the model transfer any first hundred for 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 315 km/h.
The model number of the new GT-R Track Edition located on the step below Nismo modification. The car price in the US is 129,500 dollars.