Nico Rosberg won the Australian Grand Prix in 2014

Contrary to expectations, to the finish of the first race of the season in 2014 Australian Grand Prix got more than half of the pilots. But the gatherings it was found significantly higher than in most races the previous championships. But fulfilled prediction of a confident victory of some of the racers Mercedes, who are considered leaders on the basis of pre-season tests. He started well, with Nico Rosberg third place again came out on top, and then brought the race for the finish line victorious, bringing nearest rival for more than twenty seconds. But not all rosy in the camp of the German stables. Because of problems with the technique of Lewis Hamilton was forced to retire after just a few laps. A similar situation led out of the fight and Sebastian Vettel, but his new team-mate Daniel Ricardo was able to do something for ten seasons he has not turned his countryman Mark Webber. On the home race for himself in Australia, Dan managed to finish on the podium, finishing second and proved that Red Bull this year, despite the variety of the problems nihproblem be able to fight for the top positions. But reliability problems can arise at all, so the luck factor will now play an even greater role than before. He finished third 22-year-old debutant – the Dane Kevin Magnussen from the team McLaren, who spent a great error-free race. Good level of this car McLaren showed his team-mate Jenson Button crossed the finish line fourth. Another hero of the Australian Grand Prix on Bottas became Walter Williams, who started a tenth, but the great break through to the top. At one point, the Finn a little mistake and touched the wall, breaking the rear wheel. It was thrown it to the end the peloton and breakaway chunk of disk appeared on the path, cause the appearance of the safety car on the track. This gave Bottas another chance, which he took, eventually reaching up to sixth place. But his team-mate Felipe Massa was not lucky – he knocked at the start of Kamui Kobayashi, who locked the wheels under braking for the first corner and taking off on an unmanaged Caterham in the gravel. Against this background, the fifth place Fernando Alonso for Ferrari does not look very convincing, and converted to Scuderia Kimi Raikkonen finished only eighth. While Ferrari is clearly not enough speed, because if Hamilton, Massa and Vettel not gone, the position of the pilots of the Italian stables would have been even more modest. And it is not the level at which relied team and its fans. In front of Kimi in seventh place finish Nico, whose car Force India this season features a successful engine Mercedes. Well, the next race will be held two weeks later, on March 30 we are waiting for the Singapore Grand Prix, which will be much hotter than in Australia, so that problems with the technique, including because of possible overheating, may be even worse.


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