Nico Rosberg will start from pole position to the United States Grand Prix 2015

The 2015 season was a bit of rain weekends in Formula 1, but one of them suddenly became a United States Grand Prix in Austin sunny. And all because of the hurricane, Patricia, who was coming to Mexico, but caught and neighboring Texas. Rain and squally wind caused the cancellation of Friday’s second session, on Saturday, the teams managed to hold the third practice but qualifying the situation has worsened. Water on the track was so much that produce race cars on the track turned out just not safe. However, the start of qualification was given in time. Almost immediately, Carlos Sainz crashed his car, but then the riders, even though a lot of mistakes, but there were no serious incidents. It was possible to hold the third and second segments, and then the weather deteriorated again. In order not to repeat the situation Saturday with numerous translations, the race management decided to cancel the final segment of qualifying and will start the first ten in the manner of the time, which was shown in the second segment. But even such an alignment has not made any intrigue in the first row of the grid, which housed the two pilots of the team Mercedes. Is that Nico Rosberg was ahead of Lewis Hamilton. But the second series of interesting – there are both representative of the Red Bull, which is similar to the conditions on the track came. So that the third will start Daniel Riccardo, and the fourth – Daniil Kvyat. Fifth and eighth would have to start by representatives of Ferrari – Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen respectively. But on both engines were replaced by machines, which is punishable by a fine in the 10 position, so who took the 5th and 6th Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg Force India played at one position. Ninth and tenth placed Felipe Massa at the Williams and Max Verstappen in the Toro Rosso, who also start to the position above. A top ten by a fine Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and got Walter Bottas. However, after the Finn replaced the box (a fine 5 positions), so the battle will take the tenth Roman. By the beginning of the race promises to improve the weather. Perhaps the rain will continue, but its intensity will decrease. And it’s very much like to count, otherwise the start will be delayed, and this has nothing good.


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