The MTM tuning studio is working on Audi A1

According to a press release, the tuner has released a service performance for all engine variants. It’s now known that, for example, for 1 199 euros mozheno will increase the impact of 1.6-liter TDI diesel with 105 to 121 hp Maximum torque at the same time will also increase from 250 to 282 Nm. For the same money the owners of cars with a gasoline 1.4-liter TFSI will receive 152 “horse” instead of the standard 122 hp And pay another 600 euros, specialists from MTM raise the speed limiter from 200 to 220 km/h. For the Audi A1 will be offered stylish 18-inch alloy wheels MTM Bimoto (1500 euro per set), and low-profile tires Conti Sport Contact 2 dimension 215/35R18 2 349 euros. More information is expected soon.

mtm-audi-a1_03-650x435 mtm-audi-a1_01-650x434 mtm-audi-a1_02-650x434

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