Company MINI announced that wagon Clubman 2 generation was ALL4 all-wheel drive system. It planned that the four-wheel drive modification of the model will be shown in April at the New York International Auto Show 2016. The press release states that most of the time on Clubman Mini ALL4 (2017) involved only the front axle, but the thrust is transmitted through the power take-off unit and two-class driveshaft on electrohydraulic multi-plate clutch in the rear axle drive, if necessary. Similarly, the working-wheel drive system on the BMW 2 Active Tourer. Wheel drive ALL4 control unit works in tandem with the vehicle electronics, responsible for the stabilization of the system. Last records readings of longitudinal and lateral acceleration as well as the position of the steering wheel and the gas pedal. If there is danger of slipping the computer will give traction wheels have the best grip. In addition, the all-wheel drive wagon Mini Clubman ALL4 (2016-2017) was an imitation of the system locking front differential. The latter uses a brake mechanism for slowing down the wheels of a car, which can be useful, for example, when cornering. ALL4 all-wheel drive system is available for Clubman with petrol and diesel turbo engine. The petrol engine developing 192 hp and combined in a pair with a six-speed mechanics or eight-speed machine. Performance diesel engine makes 190 power (400 Nm), but it is aggregated only with automatic transmission. From zero to hundreds Cooper S Clubman ALL4 accelerates in 6.9 seconds and its maximum speed reaches 225 km/h (automatic version). Diesel Cooper SD Clubman ALL4 slightly slower – 7.2 seconds. from 0 to 100 km/h and a maximum speed of 222 kilometers per hour. But it is more economic – flow rate ranges from 4.8 to 4.9 liters per hundred with a combined cycle, whereas the petrol variant spends from 6.3 to 7.0 liters (depending on the type of transmission and tires installed). Sales of four-wheel drive Klubman should start by May of 2016, but the price has not been announced.

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