As part of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 the presentation of the F125 concept car from Mercedes-Benz.This car was given the name in honor of the 125th anniversary of obtaining a patent for the first car with a gasoline engine.
Representatives of the company informed that a lot of technical and design elements of the concept will be applied in the process of creating a Mercedes S-class next generation.
The design of the Mercedes F125 Concept is widely used in aluminum and carbon fiber, but the novelty is the central element of its hybrid propulsion system. Four electric motors (one for each wheel) capable of delivering 230 hp, providing acceleration to hundred in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 220 km/h.
Power is provided by electric motors lithium sulfur batteries, which, in turn, is charged by a hydrogen power plant. Such intricate scheme and the fuel tank of 7.5 kg of hydrogen, allow the Mercedes F125 concept to overcome without refueling around 1 000 kilometers.