Mercedes models will receive several new electronic assistants

Specialists of Mercedes-Benz presented a system that is a mobile application that notifies the car owner of attempts to steal or evacuate, as well as about accidents when the car is in the parking lot.

Activation of this system occurs automatically when the doors are locked. If the electronics finds that someone or something is working on the machine, then an appropriate notification will be sent to the owner’s smartphone, which will also be duplicated on the screen of the car’s multimedia system.

Such a system will receive all Mercedes-Benz models equipped with special sensors, while in the course of 2018 for the owners of cars of the German brand will be available a few more connected services.

In the near future, the company’s specialists promise to add support for the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. It will receive only modern models released after September 2014 and equipped with telecommunications modules.

Plus in the mill of the automaker is working on a mobile application, designed to manage the windows and panoramic roof. This function will allow the owners to open the windows remotely to air the cabin.

Another innovation is the virtual assistant “Ask Mercedes” (ASK Mercedes), which is a chat-bot with artificial intelligence and augmented reality. It is designed to inform about the features of the car systems and determine the functional purpose of various objects.

For example, by pointing the camera of the smartphone to one of the buttons, the virtual assistant will tell you about its purpose. Interact with the bot can be either through a mobile application, or using a voice control system car.

The Ask Mercedes system will make its debut in England, South Africa and Malaysia, with the E- and S-Class models receiving it first. Until the end of 2018, the assistant will also be represented in Germany, Hong Kong and India, with only a part of the system functions available for US customers.

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