Specialists of the Mercedes-Benz presented at the motor show in Geneva 2018 a new headlighting system. The technology dubbed Digital Light, not only automatically adjusts the headlights for road conditions, but also can project various symbols onto the road. Each of the innovative headlights has a control chip and more than a million micro-reflectors. Due to the latter, the light beam is divided into a plurality of “pixels”, and the brightness of each of them is individually adjusted. The Digital Light system receives the information necessary for its operation from sensors, sensors and the navigation system of the car. Based on these data, the technology in real time makes adjustments to the parameters of the light beam, adapting it to the current road conditions. Plus, the system is closely related to electronic assistants and can project certain warning symbols onto the roadway. These can be objects located in blind spots, speed limit warnings, road signs, the location of a pedestrian or the distance to the vehicle in front. The first model to receive Digital Light technology will be an updated Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the delivery of which is scheduled for the first half of 2018.