Mercedes introduced the electric hatchback EQA Concept

In Frankfurt, the presentation of the electric concept hatch Mercedes Concept EQA, performed in a new direction of the design of the German brand, named “Sensual Purity”, took place.
In the appearance of the Mercedes EQA there are almost no sharp lines and sharp edges, while the front of the car received a “virtual” grille with illumination. The color of the latter varies depending on the selected driving mode.
So, when driving in the “Sport” mode, the grid glows blue, resembling wings spreading the wings, and in “Sport Plus” it displays “toothy” vertical bars, which makes it look like a Panamericana radiator grille.
Front, sides, and rear of the Mercedes EQA Concept are backlit inserts, so it’s simply not possible to notice such a car on the stylish 20-inch wheels in the dark.
But the interior of the prototype for the exhibition was not ready – it will be discussed later. In terms of dimensions, the conceptual hatchback reaches a length, width and height of 4,285, 1,810 and 1,428 mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2,729 millimeters.
In the motion, the concept, equipped with a system of permanent all-wheel drive, leads two electric motors, which in total develop 272 hp. They receive energy for their work from a set of batteries with a capacity of 60 kWh.
The electric Mercedes EQA can accelerate from one place to a hundred in 5.0 seconds, the power reserve without recharging reaches about 400 km. To replenish the capacity of batteries, you can use non-contact inductive charging both at household and public charging stations.

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