Especially for a racing simulator Gran Turismo 6, which was released on December 6, 2013, exclusively for the console Sony PlayStation 3, Mercedes-Benz company in collaboration with the department created a conceptual Vision Gran Turismo AMG coupe.
This project is not intended for release, but to the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2013 was built a full-size prototype, which received neverotyano low and wide body of carbon fiber with a massive grille and swollen arches and large wheels and doors of “gull wing”.
The movement of Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo Concept leads located in the front of the car 5.5-liter petrol engine V8, borrowed from the new Mercedes-benz S63 AMG W222. Its capacity is 585 hp and peak torque of 799 Nm is transmitted to the rear axle. On the dynamic characteristics of the model, whose mass is 1384 kg, it is not reported.
While the company did not show the photos of interior concept, but indeed added that when creating the developers were inspired cockpit Formula 1 car. Inside-mounted racing bucket seats and a sports steering wheel, which hovers over the dashboard.
In early December, the American company J & S World Wide Holdings announced plans to build five copies Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo for sale, and the chassis and technical stuffing it decided to borrow from the supercar AMG GT. Last, we recall, it is equipped with a 6.3-liter V8 rated at 591 hp, aggregated paired with semidiapazonnoy robotized transmission.
The car body is made of carbon fiber and its subsequent chromium coating, and for the production of wheels agreed to take firm ADV.1. Also, the supercar will get a new exhaust system, retractable rear wing and an upgraded interior. The price of the Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo will make 1.5 million dollars, one company has already received the order.

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