Most often, the G-Power studio is modifying the BMW models, but this time the German tuners worked hard on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate.

From their filing, the “charged” station wagon of the previous generation became noticeably more productive and received new wheels. It’s about 20-inch Hurricane discs with tires 245/30 in front and 285/25 at the rear.


As for the power, the specialists of G-Power squeezed out of the 5.5-liter V8 with two turbines of about 800 hp. (1,000 Nm), which is more than 200 “horses” more than the source. How this affected the dynamics of the car – is not specified.

To achieve such an impressive result, the tuners changed the engine management program, installed new turbines with downpipes, and replaced the exhaust system with a new one with a nozzle