Atelier Brabus presented a program to refine the new Mercedes E-Class Estate S213. The company offers not only to improve the performance of the car engine, but also to change its exterior and interior.

Modified Mercedes E-class wagon has front and rear spoilers, as well as a diffuser. In addition, the tuners have prepared for the model several modified versions of the suspension. For example, the car can be ordered with a 30 mm lower ground clearance.

On the wheels of the car it is proposed to install branded monoblock discs, which can be up to 21 inches in size. The interior design provides for a complete leather interior finish with optional Alcantara inserts. The picture is finished with aluminum pedal pads and door sill plates with the logo “Brabus”, which can be made in 1 of 64 colors.

In terms of performance, the PowerXtra B20 is designed for the E 200, which will increase the engine’s output to 225 hp. and 330 Nm. And for the E 250 modification, the PowerXtra B25 program was developed, increasing the performance of the petrol engine by 34 forces and 50 Nm of torque. With such an upgrade the car can accelerate from a place to a hundred in 7.0 seconds.

For the “charged” version of the E43 4MATIC, the PowerXtra B30-450 module is offered, the installation of which allows you to squeeze 450 horses and 570 Nm of torque out of the engine. As a result, the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h will be reduced to 4.4 s.

And for diesel E 220 d and E 350 d in Burbus prepared PowerXtra D3 and D6 respectively. The first allows you to raise the engine’s output by 27 hp. and 50 Nm, and the second gives an increase in 51 “horse” and 100 Nm, increasing the return to 309 forces and 720 Nm of torque.