McLaren Company and the British company Lanzante prepared road track modification of the P1 GTR hybrid supercar. From the original model innovation, dubbed P1 LM, characterized by reduced weight and improved aerodynamics. Working on the car, Lanzante experts refused to use active suspension Race Active Chassis Control, as well as pneumatic jacks are removed and replaced with bolts and brackets for titanium counterparts. In addition, the tuners have replaced the standard windows to Lexan polycarbonate of the company and established in other cabin seats hypercar, borrowed from McLaren F1 GTR racing. As a result of these actions could reduce the weight of 1437 kg compartment (- 60 kg). McLaren and Lanzante specialists also increased the front splitter and adjust the shape of the rear wing, which allowed to increase downforce McLaren P1 LM by 40% (compared to the P1 GTR). To finish the interior of the British used carbon fiber and Alcantara. The road version was another wheel, the central part of which is made in the style of the MP4/23, the steering wheel of the car. On the front and the dashboard are the standard color displays. In addition, the basic equipment listed air conditioning. The movement of the McLaren P1 LM leads hybrid propulsion system, the total capacity of which is 1000 hp. It consists of a 3.8-liter V8 engine with twin turbo and 200-horsepower electric motor. In general, the technical stuffing road modifications has remained unchanged, and Lanzante experts only improved the insulation of the power plant and intercooler. From P1 GTR track received new exhaust system made of titanium and inconel, which is 4.5 kg lighter exhaust usual the P1. Results will be released only six copies McLaren P1 LM hypercar. Five of them will be sold to customers, and the sixth – will remain with the McLaren company. Customers who ordered the road version, will have a tonneau cover, diagnostic equipment, torque wrench, scale model of 1: 8 and a framed photograph. road modification price is not disclosed. Probably, the car will be a bit more affordable version of the race, because the cost of the latter included participation in a special racing program.

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