The new McLaren 650S supercar, prices and equipment

In mid-February the McLaren Automotive company presented a new supercar called the 650S, the world premiere of which took place in March at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. In fact, McLaren 650S is a “charged” modification of the latter (75 percent of the machines common parts) and occupies an intermediate position in the line between the MP4-12C and P1 hypercar. From the latest innovations borrowed design front end design – and this is the main external difference from the more modest 650S version. If you look closely, you can pay attention to the different pattern of wheels, which are shod with wider tires Pirelli P Zero Corsa, a modified form of the side air intakes and rear diffuser. Beauty and did entirely migrated to the 650S of the McLaren MP4-12C. The surcharge interior can be equipped with seats on the McLaren P1, rear view camera, push back the steering column for ease of entry and exit and a package with an expanded number of carboxylic inserts in furnish.
Average fuel consumption in the combined cycle manufacturer stated at 11.7 liters per hundred kilometers. From zero to hundreds McLaren 650S accelerated for the same 3.0 seconds as the main competitor in the face of 605-horsepower Ferrari 458 Speciale coupe. This result is 0.1 seconds. exceeds the MP4-12C, and from 0 to 200 km/h the new supercar accelerates in 8.4 s (half a second faster). The mark of 300 km/h from a standing start transfer any of the car 25.4 sec and distance of 402 meters it overcomes in 10.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the McLaren 650S reaches 333 kilometers per hour, and for reliable braking meet the standard equipment included in the carbon-ceramic brakes. Also appearing in the design elements of the active aerodynamics increase downforce when traveling at the speed of 241 km/h by 24 percent. Stable control further provides recustomized chassis with other springs (22% stiffer old) and dampers, as well as ABS and ESP with other management software. It is noteworthy that McLaren 650S is available not only as a coupe, but in the back of Spider (the roof can be lowered and raised for 17.0 seconds). This modification of the open, despite the 40-kilogram weight gain, gaining hundreds of places with the same three seconds, and up to two hundred uskoryatesya in 8.6 sec., Which is only 0.2 seconds slower machines with a hard top. Maximum speed spider only 4 km/h gives the coupe. Price patterns in the UK starting at 195,250 pounds (20,000 pounds more MP4-12C). Modification with a folding hard top is another twenty thousand more. And in April 2014 the leadership McLaren Automotive has announced that the company stops receiving orders and production model MP4-12, to focus on the production of 650S.

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