At the motor show in Moscow 2012, the premiere of the new Mazda 6 sedan, and in early September, the network got the official ftografii “six” third-generation station wagon. The public debut of new items was held at the Paris Motor Show. Asfour-door, Station Wagon looks as nice and fast. Accurate information about the dimensions and scope of his station wagon trunk yet. But the Japanese automaker officially announced that from now on the Mazda 6 will lose in the hatchback version.
A European version was also a 2.2-liter diesel SKYACTIVE-D, is available in a return of 150 and 175 hp A choice of six-speed transmissions and machine mechanics. Also wagon got brake energy recovery system i-ELOOP, stores energy to provide power to various vehicle systems. The date of the start of sales of new products and pricing is unknown.

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