Like Maybach 57 model with index 62 was presented to the public in 2002. In fact, the car is virtually indistinguishable from its “junior” version, except that the size. If Maybach 57 reaches a length of 5730 mm, the 62th – 6165 mm, while the wheelbase of the car is 3828 millimeters, and the width and height of the sedan equal to 1 981 and 1 537 mm, respectively. By increasing the overall length of the manufacturer managed to make interior more spacious Maybach 62. In fact, the 62nd model is the so-called “car passenger”, that is, it is assumed that the owner of the car has never (or almost never) sits behind the wheel. Behind the place is really enough. In the reclining chair can be arranged with maximum comfort, further stretching his legs. Also, due to the increased length of the Maybach 62 has received a voluminous luggage compartment (605 liters). Here are just a hardly any of the owners of such expensive cars will use the vehicle for the carriage of any bulky items.
The movement results in four-door sedan 5.5-liter gasoline engine V12, developing 550 hp 5 at 250 rev/min. Despite the large size and weight (in running order 2780 kg), the car boasts excellent dynamic performance. So, from zero to hundreds of Maybach 62 accelerates in just 5.4 seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 250 km/h. Soon, the market appeared modification Maybach 62 S, equipped with a more powerful (630 hp) 6.0-liter engine V12. In terms of power comparable to a modification of the vehicle 57 S. The car also got LED lights and renewal of the front bumper and grille. For example, car seat, upholstered in high-quality leather Nappa Grand, easily change their position (from the vertical to the reclining) thanks to a first-class motor. Inside, there is a mini-bar, satellite navigation, GSM-phones (both front and rear), a premium audio system, DVD-player, TV and more. Panorama glass roof on the Maybach 62 has a liquid crystal coating, through which you can adjust the degree of transparency. You can also activate several color filters, creating within the required coverage. Shop German sedan equipped with the four-climate control system. In addition, there is the so-called solar module, keeping the car interior cool, even if the car was parked under the scorching sun for several hours. Mention deserves suspension AIRMATIC DC, which is controlled electronically. Car system constantly analyze the state of the road surface and, based on the information received, involve certain settings. Thus, the electronics may be a few seconds to change the stiffness of the suspension, thereby ensuring maximum comfort for passengers cars. In 2007, the market was represented by pre-production version of the Maybach 62 Landaulet, the main feature of which was the body landole. And in the 2009th manufacturer announced the release of a limited edition (100 copies) by limousine Zeppelin with a souped-up engine and special design. In 2012, the production of Maybach 62 and its modifications were terminated in connection with the termination of the existence of the brand. In the secondary market to buy a second-hand German sedan can now be as low as $76,400. Modification to the S will cost considerably more expensive – $428,200.

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