Atelier Manhart presented a modified version of the “charged” Audi RS5 Coupe of the second generation. The modification called RS 500 was slightly more powerful than the original version of the model and received a slightly different decor. So, outside the Audi RS 500 from Manhart can be distinguished by the presence of golden accents and decorative stripes on the body, while the two-door is placed on matte black 21-inch disks Concept One. In the movement of the coupe leads a standard 2.9-liter gasoline engine with two turbines. If the source, he develops 450 hp. and 600 Nm, the specialists of Manhart have raised the efficiency of the engine to 500 forces and 700 Nm of torque. The necessary increase in power provided reprogramming of the electronic control unit. Time to accelerate the Manhart RS 500 from a place to a hundred is not specified, but the novelty will certainly be a little faster than a conventional RS5 coupe, which takes 3.9 seconds to take this bar. Among other features of the model is worth noting the new suspension KW with understated clearance. Also for a surcharge, you can order a more efficient stainless steel exhaust system. The cost of modifications is not called.