Lotus Elise has got a track modification of the Race 250

Lotus Elise sports car got a track modification of the Race 250, built for the 50th anniversary of the company’s plant in Hetele.
According to the automaker, the new product is the fastest car brand. So, the circle on the factory racetrack new Lotus Elise Race 250 passes for 1 minute and 33.5 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than a racing modification Elise Cup 220R, which until recently was the fastest Lotus model.
The movement results in a track version of the 1.8-liter supercharged engine, which, working in conjunction with a six-speed mechanics, capable of producing 246 hp and 250 Nm of torque. How many Race 250 is dispersed to hundreds – it is still unknown. Recall that the fastest road version of the model transfer any hundred in 4.3 seconds.
But the maximum speed of the track version of the already known – 248 km/h. At this speed the car an aerodynamic body kit, which includes a front splitter, diffuser and rear wing, capable of providing the downforce of 155 kg.
Working on the new Lotus Elise Race 250, the company’s specialists use a stub instead of headlights, and also have established a lighter battery (-10 kg in comparison with the road version), seats with a carbon fiber frame (- 6 kg) and rear window made of polycarbonate.
As a result of a sports car weighs only 900 kg, which is 30 kg lighter Elise Cup 250 modification, with an extra charge for the customer can also order the elements carbon body kit, which will reduce vehicle weight by 10 kg.
Among the other features of the Lotus Elise Race 250 noteworthy two-piston AP Racing front brake company and single-piston rear Brembo firm, adjustable Nitron dampers, adjustable anti-roll bar and a safety cage. In addition, the sports car was towing loop, a removable steering wheel and fire extinguisher.
In the UK buy Elise Race 250 is possible for 53,500 pounds (70 000 dollars).

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