At the Moscow Motor Show in August 2016 will present a new Chinese sedan Lifan Solano II, which is positioned as a new generation. But if you look closely, then we likely the result of deep restyling. In general, Lifan Solano 2016 new body turned out to be much nicer predecessor. The car will retain the same silhouette, but got a completely different front fascia with a new grille, bumper and optics with L-shaped foglights. Behind the change bumper, tailgate and lights, and the sidewalls on the new Lifan Solano (2016-2017) became vividly. Rounding out the picture of the modified mirror housings and wheels of the original design. We have worked in the company and on the interior of a sedan. On the one hand, the architecture remains the same again, but Lifan Solano 2, new steering wheel and instrument panel, changed design of the front panel and the dashboard and center console are located on different blocks air conditioner and a multimedia system with touch screen. As part of the information technology news yet. According to rumors, engineers retuned suspension and steering models, and all engines are brought to compliance with environmental standards “Euro 5”. But on the motors themselves is not a word. Sales of new Lifan Solano II start in the autumn of 2016, prices will be announced later. Already standard on the sedan includes front airbags, ABS, air conditioning, multimedia system with GPS-navigation and a rearview camera and mirrors electrically.

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