Japanese studio Liberty Walk has prepared a body kit for the supercar Nissan GT-R, available in two versions.
Both versions of the body kit include new bumpers, a front splitter and a massive rear wing, while their main feature is the wheel arch extensions with the company logo.
Japanese tuners offer to manufacture elements of a body kit from fiberglass (FPR) or carbon fiber. In the first case for a weather-cloth it is necessary to pay 13 780 dollars, and in the second – in $ 14 780. The alternative variant of the complete set can be made only from fiber glass and will manage in $ 15 500.
Atelier elements of the body kit can be ordered separately. Plus, as an option for the Nissan GT-R, it is proposed to install a pneumatic suspension, which was estimated at $ 7,900 in Liberty Walk , as well as other wheel disks.