Lexus LF-LC Concept could be a new SC

The company Lexus introduced at the Detroit Motor Show in 2012 sports coupe LF-LC Concept, which teased teaser last couple of months. According to the Japanese automaker, the main objective of the project – to demonstrate the design direction of future Lexus models. The car’s appearance is created in the California design studio sports a grille reminiscent of the shape of an hourglass, an unusual optics, glass roof and big wheels. A profile of Lexus LF-LC Concept reminds supercar LFA. Hardly this concept in the future will become a new supercar, but there are rumors that the LF-LC could serve as a basis for the creation of Lexus SC 3 generations. This novelty will receive name LC 600h and will tentatively in 2015. The company did not disclose details about the technical stuffing of the concept, we only know that the engine is at the front, and the time with the help of technology Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive to the rear wheels. Interior Lexus LF-LC Concept was much more futuristic than it looks. In the center of the front panel is a large 12.3-inch touchscreen display and handy driver posted a smaller display, which can be derived, for example, a keyboard.

foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_09-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_08-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_07-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_06-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_05-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_04-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_03-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_02-650x432 foto-lexus-lf-lc-concept_01-650x432

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