New Lexus GS (4) L10 2016, prices and equipment

The event Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August 2011, the prime minister is welcome new Lexus GS sedan 4 generations in the back of L10. The general public novelty presented at the motor show in Frankfurt a month later.
Designed in the style of the car Lexus LF-Gh concept, first shown at the April Auto Show in New York. Compared with its predecessor, the new Lexus GS 2016 it began to look more athletic and fit.

Models & Prices 2016 Lexus GS.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
250 Executive $46,600 2.5 petrol (209 hp) Automatic (6) rear
250 Premium $50,600 2.5 petrol (209 hp) Automatic (6) rear
250 Premium + $52,800 2.5 petrol (209 hp) Automatic (6) rear
250 F Sport Premium $55,200 2.5 petrol (209 hp) Automatic (6) rear
350 AWD Premium $62,100 3.5 petrol (317 hp) Automatic (6) full
250 F Sport Luxury $62,100 2.5 petrol (209 hp) Automatic (6) rear
250 Luxury $62,800 2.5 petrol (209 hp) Automatic (6) rear
350 AWD Advance $64,800 3.5 petrol (317 hp) Automatic (6) full
350 AWD F Sport Premium $65,000 3.5 petrol (317 hp) Automatic (6) full
350 AWD F Sport Luxury $71,100 3.5 petrol (317 hp) Automatic (6) full
350 AWD Luxury $72,200 3.5 petrol (317 hp) Automatic (6) full
450h Premium $72,900 Hybrid 3.5 (343 hp) Automatic (8) rear
450h Luxury $82,600 Hybrid 3.5 (343 hp) Automatic (8) rear
450h F Sport Luxury $84,100 Hybrid 3.5 (343 hp) Automatic (8) rear

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The distinctive features of the Lexus GS IV are the grille, shaped like an hourglass, the LED in the head section of the optics, the aggressive front bumper, stylish taillights and a small cone between two broad pipes of the exhaust system.
The interior of the new Lexus GS (2016) became even more luxurious – chairs upholstered in high-quality leather in natural wood trim and center console is crowned by a large screen infotainment system eight-inch (12.3-inch version with a navigation package).
In addition, the sedan is equipped with energy-efficient climate control system that automatically recognizes the presence or absence of passengers, analog clock on the center console and a Mark Levinson audio system with 17 speakers, available as an option.
Technically Lexus GS 4 generations built on the modernized platform with enhanced, compared to its predecessor GS III, gauge 40 mm front and 50 mm – behind, as well as all-new multi-link rear suspension. Overall length of the new items is 4848 mm (size of the wheelbase of 2850), width – 1840, height – 1455.
As for the powertrain Lexus GS 2016 it offered two petrol V6 and a hybrid propulsion system. Originally presented the GS 350 all-wheel drive version with a 3.5-liter engine with 343 hp, and then declassified base GS 250 rear-wheel drive and 209-horsepower engine displacement of 2.5 liters.
Hybrid Lexus GS 450h combines petrol “six” and the electric motor, which develops a total of 317 power and 352 Nm of torque, which is transmitted to all wheels. Transmission for all variants of the sedan only automatic. In addition, the first model was made available pursuant to F Sport a more aggressive bumpers and adaptive chassis.
Buy a new 2016 Lexus GS can be as low as $46,600 for the base GS 250, but for the more powerful the GS 350 all-wheel drive will give a minimum of $62,100. For those wishing to purchase a hybrid sedan GS 450h to collect the amount from $72,900 to $84,100, Depending on the configuration.

Updated 2016 Lexus GS.

At the competition of automotive elegance at Pebble Beach in August 2015 of the Japanese presented the updated SUV LX 570 and GS sedan 2016 model year. The car has received a number of changes in the design of the exterior, which debuted earlier in the charged-F GS.
Redesigned Lexus GS (2016) got a new radiator grille with chrome trim, the front bumper and the other reissued head optics, which is already in the database became fully LED, and boomerangs running lights are now separated from the main unit.
Behind Saloon: change lights, plus a car became available to wheels of new design options and three additional exterior colors: Red Matador Red Mica, Black Mica and blue Nightfall Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0.New colors and materials available for the interior trim.
In addition, the interior of the Lexus GS 2016 got a different steering wheel, increased to 4.2-inch screen on the instrument panel as well as the re-registration of the clock on the center console, equipped with a function that automatically change the time zone defined by GPS. Plus there was a package corporate security systems Lexus Safety System +.
In place of the basic version of the GS 250 GS 200t modification came with a two-liter petrol “turbo-four” power of 245 hp (350 Nm), which previously appeared on the SUV NX and IS sedan. C her car consumes an average of 7.1 liters per hundred, and dynamic performance are not specified.
Intermediate Lexus GS 350 2016 eight-speed got a gun instead of the former six-speed, but the hybrid version of the GS 450h for technology remained unchanged. The date of commencement of sales and prices for the new product will be announced.

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