The head of Alain Lexus Yuttenhoven European division of the company said that by 2020, the lineup of the Japanese brand will replenish the hydrogen crossover.

The novelty will be equipped with power plant on the hydrogen fuel cell, which will apply the first technology in the history of serial hydrogen model – Toyota Mirai sedan.

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Recall that the last movement in the latter leads 153 hp electric motor, which receives the necessary energy for their work in the process of a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. From zero to hundreds Mirai accelerated for 9.3 seconds.

According to a top manager, the hydrogen would be much more powerful than the Lexus (about 300 troops) and source code faster, but the Japanese have to smash his head over how the same place all the necessary technical “stuffing” vehicle in normal size.

“We need to ensure the desired degree of dynamics to the hydrogen model Lexus corresponded to the level of the premium car” – said Yuttenhoven.

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