Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix in 2015

Starting from pole position, Hamilton without any problems won the Grand Prix of Canada in 2015, which is surprisingly this time has passed without a safety car. At one point, pursued mate Nico Rosberg almost came, but to attack him and failed, so he remained second. But in the struggle between the two Finns came out the winner Walter Bottas (3rd place), ahead of Kimi Raikkonen (4th place), launched initially in front. True, the latter made a mistake after his pit stop, losing at this time, so that the exchange of positions between the two riders did not occur in a straight fight. But Sebastian Vettel finished fifth, already made ​​a breakthrough with a 18th place. The German used the tactic of two pit stops, the first he was quite early, so the race Seb spent in the fast lane, and certainly will not be bored. As Vettel, beautiful and actively broke and Felipe Massa, but the Brazilian was able to fifteenth place only up to the sixth. Seventh became Pastor Maldonado, who finally managed to hold the race without incident for the first time in the season finished in the points. At the same time in front of him throughout the race was his team-mate Romain Grosjean, but utterly ridiculous mistake when overtaking circular led to a puncture of the rear wheel on the Frenchman’s Lotus and forced him to go on an unscheduled pit stop. However, in the end Grosjean still scored a point for tenth place. Eighth checkered flag saw Nico at Force India, and became the ninth Daniil Kvyat, who spent a great race. Regarding the start of Danya lost only one position, even though not the most appropriate route for his Red Bull with Renault engines. But his team-mate Daniel Ricardo at the start of the ninth fell back to 13th position. So, then we are waiting for a two-week break and then held the Grand Prix of Austria in 2015.


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