Lewis Hamilton ended a victory of the Grand Prix of Canada in 2012. Thus, the series continues with the record – in the past seven races of the season were seven different winners. In addition, thanks to his victory Lewis for the first time this year, took the lead of the championship. The race this time was quite calm. All pilots managed to avoid any serious conflicts and the permutation has not appeared. And so it continued until the first wave of pit stops. Is that Felipe Massa on the first lap Nico managed to get around in the fight for fifth place, but then at the exit of the first turn of the Brazilian made a mistake and dropped back. Winner Polulyakh Sebastian Vettel kept the lead, and for a while was walking ahead confidently, controlling lead over rivals. But closer to the pit stop has the advantage began to decline. Reaching the first, Sebastian eventually passed forward pursuing it as Hamilton and Alonso. Lewis Hamilton, in turn, upon arrival in the pits released ahead of Alonso, but not for long. When he returned to the track behind the Spaniard, the pilot of McLaren in the internal fight almost immediately regained the lost position. Meanwhile, a number of drivers, including Kimi Raikkonen and team drivers Sauber, in no hurry to visit the pits. At some point, it seemed that all the leaders are on the tactics with two pit stops, and the second time the first drove Lewis. But Alonso and Vettel did not follow his example. However, later it turned out that all is in vain. Laps to go there were still many great worn tires and wheels replaced Hamilton managed to cool jack up the pace. The first could not resist Sebastian Vettel, drove into the pits just seven laps to go that dropped him from second to fifth position. And Fernando was to fight to the last. The speed of his car has fallen so much that the back straight it around and around and were able to get around Hamilton and Romain Grosjean (2nd place) and Sergio Perez (3rd place) and Vettel (4th place) on fresh tires. Alonso could hardly keep himself in fifth place as close behind him finished Nico Rosberg (6th place) and Mark Webber (7th place). And we closed the eyeglass ten Kimi Raikkonen (8th place), Kamui Kobayashi (9th place) and Felipe Massa (10th place). Another setback suffered in the race Michael Schumacher – on his car Mercedes rear wing bar jammed in the open position, which is the pits by hand could not even drop four mechanics. As a result, the fifth gathering of seven races. Do not stir during this time and Jenson Button – winner of last year’s Canadian Grand Prix. The Englishman did not work out since Friday’s free practice and in the race he finished only on the sixteenth place in the circle of lagging behind the leaders. The next stage will be held in two weeks – it will be the European Grand Prix in Valencia.