In Las Vegas introduced the Chinese electric crossover Byton

The newly formed Chinese company Byton brought to the CES 2018 exhibition a concept electric crossover, which the developers call the world’s first “smart and intuitive vehicle” (Smart Intuitive Vehicle). A swift exterior design with a massive front bumper and narrow LED headlights were drawn by specialists from the Munich design studio of the brand, and for the model software, employees from the office in Santa Clara, California are responsible. The interior of the Byton electric crossover has a 49-inch instrument panel. The length and width of the latter reaches 125 and 25 cm, respectively, and it displays a lot of additional information (for example, the profiles of the driver and the passenger, maps of the navigation system, data on the operation of internal systems of the car and pictures from video cameras installed in place of traditional side mirrors). It is interesting that in the middle racks of the SUV three cameras are built in. Recognizing suitable for the car driver and passengers, electronics unlocks the doors of the car and uses the personal settings of the identified people (for example, specific climate parameters, multimedia system, as well as favorite positions of the seats). Manage the capabilities of the multimedia and some auto features are possible not only in standard ways but also with the help of the system of gestures and voice commands. The machine can connect to its own cloud platform, synchronizing data with mobile gadgets of passengers. Such a platform allows you to access various personalized services and download third-party applications. Also, it is impossible not to mention the system my HEALTH, which is synchronized with fitness trackers and smart clocks, tracking the heart rate, weight, and pressure of passengers. Based on the information received, the technology is able to give a person certain recommendations regarding his current state of health. The commodity version of the Byton model will be presented in two versions. To date, it is known that the basic rear-wheel drive modification is equipped with a set of batteries with a capacity of 71 kWh, providing a power reserve at 402 km. You can recharge the batteries of this crossover from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes. The top version of the all-terrain vehicle with all-wheel drive will be equipped with a 95 kWh battery capable of providing a power reserve of 520 kilometers. Also in the list of equipment Byton are the virtual Amazon Alexa assistant and support for 5G networks. The model is also equipped with a third-level autopilot, while the Chinese emphasize that “on board” the car has all the necessary equipment to support the fourth level of autonomy.

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