At the Paris Motor Show 2016 world premiere of the new Land Rover Discovery 5 generations. The car has received a truly revolutionary change, but it is not modestly called in the company “the best family SUV in the world”. The producer for a long time managed to hide the appearance Land Rover Discovery 2017-2018 in a new body, but in the end, as expected, the production model was made in the style of a prototype of the Vision Concept is , first shown in the autumn of 2014-th. Thus, for the first time in the history of the SUV lost its angular design firm, which came to replace the flowing lines, and on the roof of a bend – “calling card” of the model, the machine of the fifth generation were markedly lower and barely noticeable. In general, the appearance of the new Land Rover Discovery 2017-2018 year was the overlap with the younger brother in the face of Discovery Sport with a characteristic rear rack and glazing, as well as light engineering overlay on the sidewall. Plus for the new items become available packages Black Design and Dynamic Design. The latter provides for the installation of other bumpers and contrasting color of the roof and the first black accents highlights in exterior design. Total for the machine has four equipment: S, SE, HSE and HSE Luxury, and the first batch of 2 400 copies will be released in an exclusive performance of “First Edition”.
Interior of the new Land Rover Discovery 5 may be a five- or seven-seater, the company stressed that the extreme row can accommodate two adults growing up to 190 cm. Chairs the average number of moves in the range of 160 mm and two rear backrests can be folded several rows ways, including remotely via a special application InControl remote on your smartphone. Making front panel is more reminiscent of the older model Range Rover. The center console is placed a large 10.0-inch color display InControl Touch Pro multimedia systems, allowing a third to reduce the presence of conventional buttons. There is support for 3G, connection devices on iOS and Android, the distribution of Wi-Fi to eight devices. In addition, throughout the cabin of the car are located six 12-volt outlets, 7 or 9 USB ports and a variety of niches, and for a fee include audio Meridian with 14 speakers and a subwoofer, heated all three rows of seats (first in class), seat ventilation medium series and massage function on the front.


Land Rover Discovery 2017-2018 in a new body moved to an aluminum platform, which reduced the weight of the vehicle (depending on the modification) by an impressive 480 kilograms. Overall length of the SUV is 4 970 mm (+ 141), the wheelbase increased to 2,923 (+ 38), the width is equal to 2083, and height – 1846 (- 41). The minimum amount of luggage in the 7-seater version is 258 liters, and with the third row folded compartment increases to 1135 liters (if both rows folded, it turns out 2406). If the five-seat version, the amount ranges from 1231 to 2500 liters. The boot lid is now solid, but there is a special wing Power Inner Tailgate, which can withstand up to 300 kg and can serve as benches. As the power units for the new Land Rover Discovery 5 for the first time will offer a 3.0-liter “six” – TDV6 diesel power 249 power and 600 Nm (up to a hundred in 8.1 seconds, an average consumption of 7.5 liters. hundred kilometers), as well as gasoline Si6 V6 supercharger drive and return to the 340 hp and 450 Nm (from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds, average consumption -. 11,5l/100 km). Combine both paired with 8-band automatic ZF. And in 2018 we will begin selling two-liter versions with “turbo” family Ingenium – it is a 180-horsepower diesel engine (430 Nm) petrol engine TD4 and SD4, developing 240 forces and 500 Nm of torque. The claimed average consumption on the combined cycle for their 6.0 and 6.3 liters per hundred, respectively. Drive on the new Discovery 5 default full, the distribution of traction between the axles 50:50. Depending on conditions, the electronics can vary the thrust using a two-stage synchronized razdatkoy, and as an option also with forced rear differential lock. In addition, customers can order a car with a simple wheel-drive system (if in a number of step-down is not necessary), realized with mechanical Torsen differential and single-stage transfer case. There is distributed at a ratio of 42:58, but also may vary over a wide range. With the new body angles exit and entry in the SUV totaled 34 and 30 degrees, respectively ( the predecessor indicators 37.2 and 28.1), and gradeability is 45 degrees. In addition, the disc is able to pull a trailer weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. And especially for such cases, the company developed several electronic assistants, which help maneuver the trailer in reverse, put out his swing on track, remotely check the efficiency of lamps, to measure the load on the hitch to prevent overload. The new Land Rover Discovery 2017 available air suspension with which the ride height up to 283 mm (+ 43), and fording the value of up to 900 mm (+ 200). Clearance of a car with a spring suspension is 220 mm, so that the maximum ford for it is 850 millimeters. In addition, the pneuma SUV automatically crouches by 13 mm at speeds of over 105 km/h, on a dirt road opposite – raises to 40 mm, and for good roads, you can add another 75 mm. With regard to the Terrain Response system, it is now the second generation, and it offers the following modes: 1) General driving (Normal); 2) Grass/Gravel/Snow (Grass/Gravel/Snow); 3) Mud and Ruts (Dirt and track); 4) Sand (Sand); 5) Rock Crawl (Stones). Plus model provides many electronic helpers. In everyday life, are called to serve as adaptive cruise control, recognition of road signs, pedestrians, driver fatigue, automatic braking. On the roads will help the system to prevent the wheels from locking when braking the motor, measuring the depth of the ford, assistants start uphill on slippery surfaces, the descent from the hill, and others.

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Production of the new Land Rover Discovery 5 established the company in the British company’s Solihull. Information on pricing yet, but we know that in the UK the cost of the SUV starts at 43,495 pounds.

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