British studio JE Motorworks offers to replace the standard 2.2-liter diesel SUV Land Rover Defender 2.3-liter engine “Ford” Ecoboost family.
The head of the Dzhonatan Duglas studio┬ásaid that such a proposal due to the tightening of the requirements for the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If the standard diesel Defender throws at least 266 grams of CO2 per kilometer, the gasoline engine Ford – only 175 grams.
2.3-liter Ecoboost engine, which is equipped with a Ford Mustang and “charged” the Focus RS 3, decided to establish the SUV as it is. Without any forcing, the petrol unit in the Defender will develop its standard 350 hp and 440 Nm.
The JE Motorworks note that the customer can order the car with both a manual transmission and a dedicated six automatic transmission. Motor Replacement cost 25,700 dollars. The first copies of Land Rover Defender with Ford’s engine will be at the end of 2017