German tuner of the Edo Competition┬ácompany continue to improve the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 supercar, their latest development on this front was the model LP750, founded on the basis of a previous version of LP710. From zero to hundreds Murcielago LP750 breaks for 3.1 seconds, the mark of 200 km/h supercar overcomes in 9.7 seconds, and up to three hundred accelerates in 24.5 seconds. Top speed increased to 365 km/h, so the tuners the fastest version of the Murcielago LP750 in the world. To achieve such performance, engineers from Edo Competition had to work hard over the standard 6.5-liter V12 supercar. The engine was reworked intake system with new manifolds, a new sports air filters, as well as other exhaust system with sport catalytic converters and mufflers. In order to ensure stable behavior of the vehicle at high speeds, Murcielago LP750 equipped with a small aerodynamic package with a new rear wing of increased area and an adjustable front spoiler. Supercar “shod” in the special tires Michelin, capable of withstanding tremendous speed, the dimension 265/35ZR18 front and 345/30ZR19 – rear. The cost of improvements in the press release is not specified.

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